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Pennyworth 2019

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  • Release Date:28 July 2019

About Pennyworth

The origin story of Bruce Wayne's legendary butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier who forms a security company and goes to work with Thomas Wayne, Bruce's billionaire father, in 1960s London.

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Bruno HellerExecutive producer
Danny CannonExecutive producer
Brian ScullyProducer
Richard AppelProducer
Ken KeelerProducer
Bill OakleyExecutive producer
Josh WeinsteinExecutive producer
Colin A.B.V. LewisProducer
Ron HaugeProducer
Al JeanExecutive producer
James L. BrooksExecutive producer
David MirkinProducer
Mike ReissProducer
Sam SimonExecutive producer
John FrinkProducer
Mike ScullyExecutive producer
Matt GroeningExecutive producer
Marc WilmoreProducer
Larina AdamsonProducer
Jeff WestbrookProducer
Dan GreaneyProducer
Tim LongProducer
Don PayneProducer
Tom GammillProducer
George MeyerProducer
Bonita PietilaProducer
Max ProssProducer
Richard RaynisProducer
Richard SakaiProducer
David SilvermanProducer
Denise SirkotProducer
Jon VittiProducer
J. Michael MendelProducer
Jonathan CollierProducer
Greg DanielsProducer
Jace RichdaleProducer
David SacksProducer
Larry DoyleProducer
Tom MartinProducer
Frank MulaProducer
David M. SternProducer
Julie ThackerProducer
Michael WolfProducer
David X. CohenProducer
Steve TompkinsProducer
Gábor CsupóExecutive producer
John SwartzwelderProducer


Bob KaneCharacters
Bill FingerCharacters


Bruno HellerCreator