Mickey Daniels

Mickey Daniels

  • Birth Date:
    11 October 1914
  • Death Date:
    20 August 1970(aged 56)

Mickey Daniels Movies

Li'l Abner1940Cicero Grunts1940
Young People1940Man in audience (uncredited)1940
An All American Toothache1936Elmer1936
Early to Bed1936Caddy1936
Pennies from Heaven1936Hay Wagon Driver (uncredited)1936
Strike Me Pink1936Student in Shoe Repair Shop (uncredited)1936
Vanessa: Her Love Story1935Herries Servant1935
Roaring Roads1935Mickey Daniels1935
Social Error1935Eddie's College Pal1935
Adventurous Knights1935Mickey Daniels1935
It Happened One Night1934Vendor on Bus (uncredited)1934
Love Pains1932Mickey1932
The Knockout1932Mickey1932
Too Many Women1932Mickey1932
Wild Babies!1932Songwriter Mickey Daniels1932
Let's Do Things1931Nightclub Bellhop (uncredited)1931
Blood and Thunder1931Mickey (uncredited)1931
High Gear1931Mickey Daniels1931
Call a Cop!1931Mickey1931
Mama Loves Papa1931Mickey1931
The Kick-Off!1931Mickey Daniels1931
Love Fever1931Mickey1931
Ladies Last1930Mickey1930
Shivering Shakespeare1930Unconfirmed1930
Doctor's Orders1930Mickey1930
Bigger and Better1930Mickey Daniels1930
Monkey Business1926-1926
Thundering Fleas1926Mickey1926
45 Minutes from Hollywood1926Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)1926
Boys Will Be Joys1925Mickey1925
Dog Days1925Mickey1925
Shootin' Injuns1925Mickey1925
Short Kilts1924McPherson kid1924
Jubilo, Jr.1924Young Jubilo1924
The Fraidy Cat1924Member of the Gang (uncredited)1924
Big Business1924Mickie1924
The Sun Down Limited1924Mickey (as Hal Roach's Rascals)1924
It's a Bear1924Mickey1924
Girl Shy1924Newsboy (uncredited)1924
Safety Last!1923Newsboy with Freckles1923
Dogs of War!1923Mickey1923
The Champeen1923Mickey (as Hal Roach's Rascals)1923
The Golf Bug1922-1922
One Terrible Day1922Mickey1922
Our Gang1922Mickey1922

Who is Mickey Daniels?

Records of his death did not surface until being researched 21 years after his body was found in a hotel . He died alone.

Animated, freckle-faced Mickey was recommended to Hal Roach for the "Our Gang" series by still photographer Gene Kornman, a good friend of the family who was also the father of the Gang's original female member Mary Kornman.

The very first Hal Roach film in the series was shot in the spring of 1922 and released on November 5th. It was entitled simply Our Gang (1922) and told the story of widowed mother and store owner who was losing her customers due to the unethical methods of a nearby competitor. Mickey and the rest of the kids decide to stage a show for her with pet animals and its success leads to a resurgence of business once again. Sadly, no negatives or complete prints exist and is considered a lost film.

One of ten children, his actor father, Richard Daniels occasionally appeared with Mickey in the "Our Gang" shorts. They also appeared together in several of Harold Lloyd's features. Mickey's brother, Leonard, worked in the transportation department for the Roach Studios for at least two decades.